Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Organizing Of Electronic Components

           Ok, this is something I did a while back but I wanted to put it somewhere in case someone else likes my idea and wants to do the same. I had one large tote and one small tote that I got full of electronic components. They were given to me and I have been scavenging from them for a few years. I have also bought components from time to time because I couldn’t find them in the totes or I didn’t have any of said items. You can imagine that I ended up with a very large mess. I decided to sort and inventory the stuff I had. So I ran out and got a bunch of small canning jars and started to sort everything. I soon realized that although they are a good size they are extremely heavy in any quantity. I also played around with several ways of storing them so I could easily get to everything but only had mild success with that (if anyone is interested I can post more information).  I found something much better thought, Iris Photo storage containers. I have 9 large photo holders.  Each of the cases holds 12 small photo cases.  Well even though I have 108 of the small cases virtually all of them are filled up. I think that another 6 will finish off what i need.  Here are a few photos of them full and a photo of what’s left in the small tote to give you an idea what I was up against.

UPDATE: yeah the cases cost a bit... I bough then slowly and every few months SpaceSavers has a 20%-30% code to use at the checkout.

Link for Boxes:
Iris Large Photo Boxes   


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